please decide!

should I train my combat skills or should I remain my low combat with saradomin? (will keep sara either way…)


U DECIDE! (most votes win…)

so vote on the poll!

Train your combat, RS is about being a high level!

stay low and get total levl then u can go around with full saradomin owning level 100’s by having greater total level if u ask me

ok please vote because it is the numbers that decide at the end=)

yeah what everyone said keep total low and gain bragging rights!

Gandalf (Darkwizkid89) is my cousin

well what do u other guys on rsr think?

I would go with combat.

ty for your vote!

well being alow lvl with full sara is cool

Low lvl with full sara all the way!

ty all for your votes, though I need more votes until my final decision… :spin:

ive always liked rich noobs, but 72 isnt low, i say stay low

no! train your combat to level 100 and then become a member…

continue voting guys! I’m going to bed now… good night everyone! :spin:

Make your Combat Level Higher! The Higher the better!

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

I say you should train your combat because 71 isn’t exactly low.

ty all! though I still need more votes :spin:

u read my mind, and that what i am doing

its all about respect, who u think is better? a noob in full sara, or a lvl 100

i chose lvl 100

ok ty for the vote! NEED MORE VOTES!

i would say train ur combat. higher combat beats a low lvl with good stuff in my opinion.