PLEASE fix up the avatar settings duke!!!

well the avatar settings are stuffed!!! i cant have my old avatar, cos its “too big”. You set the max to 25kb!!! even if u use a url to upload. Please fix this duke.
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your old avatar,it was you in full addy (g)?

coz i read lots of your posts and you were wearin full addy (g) with a d long!

yeah. but u cant upload avvys now, even from sites.
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i like these settings, 25 is a bit small, perhaps 50kb - and for sigs please make a limit as well! some people havr sigs over a meg in size, thats rediculous - 250kb at tops is good

i reckon 150kb max would b good. like i say (for the first time lol) “too big is too bad”
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i agree i couldn’t get my old avvy 2 work so i had 2 get a new 1

150kb for an avatar though? those are soposed to be little pictures xD

its not that much. It can be a small pic, but a big file size. mine is 109kb.
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56kb speed - the average actuall download speed of a 56k is about 14kbs

thats about 6 sec to download your av alone, then they also have to get everyone else’s remeber not everyone has DSL/Cable and for various reasons as well - some cannot afford it – some dont have it avalible to them ( small cities ) – some may have parents who refuse to upgrade <-- mine were like that till we moved – so there are a ton of reasons why, but should it be fair to make it so that 56k users have to wait ages for a web page to load?

Avatar are meant to be a small little insignia, not some huge image. If your old image doesn’t work, just crop it in paint and resave it as a different file type.

I had to resize my old one too. I do think they’re a bit small but I’ll live.

you can always decrease your screen resolution to make them bigger :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly fine for me. And it won’t kill you to change your avvy.

lol but 24kb? thats nothing.
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Duke could make it a little bigger. Maybe like 50kb.

yeah id be happy with 50, cos then i could use my old avvy of the aussie ppl.
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