please give me ideas

can someone give me names that are names but are two words? example nacho cheese. i need for guild wars.
thank you

-Wood Cut
-Sir Dizzle
-I Own
-This Is
-Too Easy
-Just Use
-Your head

cheezy feet
joe mama
joe daddy
ownt nub

fire storm

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic Antiestablishmentarianist

What? You said two words…

What are you? Like, what primary skill? Base it off of that.

Fire Lord
King Death

I don’t know. Just use my tip.

How about these ideas! :slight_smile:


any other ideas?

  • Iam Coola
  • Ka Ching
  • Boxor Soxor
  • Roxor Soxor
  • Lag Mcmuffin
  • Doo Chii
  • Legendary Pie
  • Designated Dagger
  • Different Indifference
  • Sezuly Harrasein
  • Dragon Lord
  • Mr Saddam
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Asama BinLaden
  • George Bush
  • President Nixon…

Any more?

~ Bite Me
~ Cross Eyed
~ Big Distraction
~ Thunder Birds
~ Are Go
~ bigJ Dizzle