please help a newbie with his ranging

hi again. i need help with my fletching and ranging. could someone please tell me how to make arrows? whats the best armor to wear for a ranger at a low level like me and where do i get it? Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Fletching is p2p. You make arrowheads by using a knife on a log and selecting “Make arrowheads.” For ranged armor, just look at what you can wear in relation to your ranged and defence levels.

it says that i can make arrow shafts not arrow heads

to make arrows u use a knife on a normal log to make arrow shafs then look for the best arrow you can make lets say bronze so use a bronze bare on an avil to make an arrow head. then use a feather on the shaft to make a headless arrow then user the arrow head on the headles arrow and yyour done

thanks very much mate

np and the funny thing is im a f2p never been a member before just ive looked up stuff and found it out cause i am thinking of becoming e member but never got my parents to pay so on my bday i will pay for myself as a treet

nice one mate. do become a member its far better. thanks again

You should wear dragonhide if you have 40 range yet, also, the higher you get your range, the better dragonhide you can wear, so the better bonuses you get.

how and where do i get dragonhide?

if your p2p… you can make it with high enough crafting. Buy it in champions guild. or buy off other players.

can u kill certain beasts to get dragonhide?

Dragons key word dragon’s…

ok then but where do i find them?

p2p in wild everywhere and travery all kinds of places… just look and don’t die. :wink:

dont try to rangedrags at a low level you will run out of arrows/die. trust me i have experience in dieing.