Please Help Me!!!! I Need Major Help!!!!HELP

I can take a screenshot and I paste it on my paint and then when I try to host my picture at but it says its to big so how do I shrink it???
Please give me some meathods!!

srhrink it in paint or crop it in paint both are good but cropping is better

i want to know how to corpt it can you take a screenshot and show me please

just use the button on the toolbar in the upper right corner

can u take screenshot please cause i can’t see the toolbar ur talking about theres nothing in the top right corner

i meant the top right corner of the toolbar that is on the left side

well that will cut some of my picture wouldn’t it???

Open it on Paint

File>Save as

From the drop down list select PNG.

yes that is the best thing to do make it smaller

but you can also just make it smaller if you know a hell lot bout computers then you can just edit the file in Word then crop it there(thats a really hard method so not reconmended)

OMG!!! It worked thank you you two now can andymc1989 please lock my thread please thank you again you guys

No problem

I would but I don’t have mod powers.

o ya how do i put a border??? please tell

Just zoom in, and use the line tool, then go around the outside of the image.

and how do i zoom in??

On the tool bar, where all the tools like paintbrush, pencil and fill are, there should be a magnifying glass, you click on that and then choose a magnification.

Ok Thank You for the help you guys andymc1989 can you send a PM for me to whoever could close this thread Please And Tahnk You!!! :king: