Please Rate My Bank.....:)

rate out of 10 please i have not played runescape in a while so tell me if my stuff is good please… i also have all my members things on my old members account like all the drag weapons and so on :slight_smile:



nice try its looked real for a second there but i saw a mistake buy the 2 for the black 2h and the amount of mith ore was too far to the left if it real forget i said anything

if only that was real.

kinda of a co-incidence that you have 52 of each partyhat cough copy and paste cough

10/10 :smiley:

lol you can tell thats fake
id love to have that bank
9/10 8)

i’ve got more proof, under closer inspection :P, i’ve found that he did the shading on the letters, shame he dident put them the same distance apart.

look at the 2’s there in different places away from the 5’s.

10/10 :D[/quote]my m8 wud like 2 buy 1 of ur masks

i didnt notice that
well some of the letters are off centered so its fake :wink:

LOOOOL whats the point in that??

You are all missing the most obvious point…once you reach 9999k, it changes to 10M, not 10,000k… so his cash would actually just be 11M lol.

Although 10/10 for the effort :slight_smile:

haha wayn0, i dident even see the money, thats a good point…it would say 11M

:smiley: my m8 15000uk want 2 by 1 of ya masks

atleast thats TOTAL proof of a face pic :slight_smile: LOOOOOOOL

yeh but mine were proof aswell lol, the fact there’s 52 of each phat, which is copy & paste.

and the fact that the spaces were different.

anyway, lets stop now lol.

also I’m not sure if this is completely right but i believe after you have 10000 or more of a rune it changes to 10k instead of 10000…so you would have 20k fire runes not 20000

ya, i would say 20/10

birjelman, you obviously havent had over 10k runes b4 lol, no it doesent change to 10k it stays as 10,000, only when it gets past 100,000 then it will turn to 100k.

you wish this was you lol i can tell it is fake

sure… if so nice :slight_smile: :twisted:

omg that is soooo fake…i could do that. lock this lame attempt to look rich.