please respond

im pissed becuase i got hacked i know theres nothing you can do about it but jedex should do more to provent it and help the people that have, and will get hacked.

So you’re saying that the NUMEROUS warnings about giving out your passwords, not autoing, etc… wasn’t enough? for Christ’s sake, the first thing the new lumbridge guide tells you is protect your password.

i got hacked twice… 4 days ago, now i have 2 rune hatchets, full rune, rune b axe, d long, with bout 50k… might as well just get some major cash… instead of complaining… no offense or anything…

Xgods gotcha there. it mustve been ur fault for revealing ur obvious password. and no, theres no way u can get the stuff back

havent gotten hacked but i have to say that its not like they dont do anything to prevent it