Please tell me if this was a good deal. o_O

Was it good for me? o.o

It was a sorta fair trade…

those chaps are worth like 300k each arent they??

no, not realy…I dont think it was a realy good one, but its pretty even.

i wood do it. i would love to get those other st00f than the rune (t)…i have issues

I think that it was about avg…

Rune (t) pl8 body - 150k (pc?)

d hide body - 60k

d hide chaps - 40k

and 50k cash… about even?

its ok omg zak u hate lags liek me!!!

i would say it was a fair deal

i think its a great deal…you can sell that stuff for a lot more that 200K

fair about 160k each way

i sold trimmed legs for 250k… plate must be the same or more then…

I have no idea what it’s worth. Have fun with it though. :smiley:

if those are green d hide chaps and body u made a nice deal…since i saw people buying (g) bodies for 300k ea