plz close, sold!

I cant belive i will actually make this topic!!! :smiley:

A Dragon Scimitar just came to my hands!!! I wont post how, i wont post why nor where did i get it, so save those topics!!!

I can show this scimitar to anyone who wish to log into world 24!

Opening bids, the highest post in the nexy hour will take the scimmy !!!

*General Info
-When u examine it: “A vicious curved sword!”
-This weapons is obiously for members only
-Taking items and cash for it.

I cant belive how happy i am!!! :slight_smile: :o :smiley:

I will buy it, if my bid is high enough. I will offer 100+k and lobbies, whats your username? Add me, N1ghtshade_0

I am taking as starting bid 150k. My username is sharp_fey, i am currently in falador’s market. Repost if ur interested in making an offer =)

150k is a little much, don’t you think? Wow, they are going for 105k now…

I am sorry to disapoint u guys, but i traded it for a full mystic, thx anyways!!

Close plz
Close plz
Close plz

you say it i close it