Plz help post a picture

Plz post a picture of a blond archer plz plz im desprate

Um… Why do you want to see a blonde ranger??

its a school assiment, i need a picture of a mage, a knight, and an archer, i have the rest, but i need an archer that is blond.

thats the weirdeest school assignment ive ever seen… y do u need it?

I no, i have to make a thing for the middle ages and i need to make my friends into midevil times caricters. One mage, one knight, and an archer. My friend that is a girl is an archer. plz i need it. I have never been this desprite. This is 35% of my grade. PLZ

does the archer have to be a girl? If not I could go get my hair changed and post a pic. :stuck_out_tongue: When do you need the pic by?

it doesnt have to be one, could u get it tomorrow or so, i REALLY appreciate it. I suck at editing