plz take this poll

thank you for ansering this poll:D :smiley: :yes: :yes:

an easy 300k an hour making laws

i voted 1mil plus i dont know y lol soz bout dat but yer i usually make bout under 50k cause i f2p or ah bout 100k cause kill hills and get there bones

lmao most people here are lieing. most people only make 50-100k an hour. pretty rough to make 1 mil+, dont ya think?

hi i can make about 80k maby up to 120k

:slight_smile: if i worked hard probs 150k an hour or more (Maybe even more)

by cuttin willows

i can make 1m plus, if i get some good merchanting deals =D

meh… if its a slow day i make about 200k merchanting but if i play for like 3+ hours and get some good deals(p2p) then i can make anyware from 400k-600k.:highfive:

Depends on my luck I used to make 200k-3m an hour so… yeah, i voted under 1m and over 1m.

tis sad how many people make so little an hour 0-50k hour!!

It’s not sad. I just don’t make money, I love playing minigames, goofing around, making outfits, doing quests, training, etc.

I picked 0-50,000 since I usually make like only 20k per hour if I try. I’m not the merchanting type.

1 mil in hour…right…
well if you find a very good rare deal or hack some1 then you can…

i am a merchant and i have made 3.7 mil of a little bit of nothing thats right i bought an item and sold it then bought another and sold it for even more such as a d med i bought for 400k and sold for 2.3 mil!!! so its quite posible! and another time i bought full enchanted for 400k and sold it for 5.5 mil but that was before i got hacked the last time on my noob!