Pm Spam Blocker

I suggest that a spam blocker on ‘pm’ would b a good idea. I should block all messages that say perhaps less than 10 words.


But what if somone jsut wanted to say you go the job…or maybe jsut ok see ya soon?

Whats the point of saying that?

I don’t think its that big of a problem, I never recieve spam pm’s. But duke on the other hand…

I always get spam mail now being the leader of the RSR newspaper staff with all these people saying can I join? meanwhile they just want to join for no reason. This would help me out lol!

No no , im on ur side infiltrator. i was being sarcastic! (srry zeustheking1 but u r sought of taking this a bit seriously)

I guess I shouldn’t write any more about this topic since Duke deleted my posts…

Still unfair however.

I don’t think so. Maybe a ignore and friend list perhaps?

Yeah, that would be a good way to not get spam or flaming pms.

yea that is a great idea

someone sent me a pm last night saying “thanks found it” and i said “no prob” i dont want that deleted i want to read all my messages… if you get spam report to a mod