Well as i have seen around RSR God chaser has been posting aobut his what about yours you have sene or made up heres mine:

I think i will draw a picture i’ll draw it with a twist i’ll draw with a razorblade i’ll draw it on wrist and with this picture and fountain will appear and with this fountain all my problems will disapper ~-~ Killalot.

Like? :slight_smile:

thats awesome…congrats…:thumbsup:…im not good at making poems…lol…good job though…keep up the good work…

mmmm ive heard better but seriously get out more

not bad but not great

meh its not really that good

Er, ok, a little to sucidal for my taste… but if you put focus on other styles, I am sure that more people will like it.

besides the fact that, that poem is way to sucicidal for my taste. i think that was really good.