pokemon emerald

who have pokemon emerald?

Dude put this under the screen u had of it…

another pokemon game… when will it end

Pff how old are you kid? 8, 9? Pokemon is for little children

i have to agree

Yeah dude…Pokemon is so very stupid man…Stop watching it before you become a pokemon freak, oh wait you are one =P

I mean, come on! Have you seen those HUGE sweat blobs they get when they’re embarrassed? The worst anime ever. Well, after Yu Gi Oh.

what the hell guys stop spamming his thread. He can like to play what ever he wants without yuo all having to make fun of him.You people are the ones that are childish, making fun of him.

No i dont have pokemon emerald, but i might get it soon.Probably not because i dont like pokemon but the games are cool :slight_smile:

Pokemon rules!!! I have 5 games 6 movies 2 guidebooks and try to watch and tape ever show!! If you don’t play pokemon you don’t because your to busy watching your 1000000 barney movies!@#

Yea u guys just becus he likes it doesnt mean u can call him childish and a nerd, he likes it big deal. let it go. some ppl think RuneScape is childish…think of that. and u guys are telling him not to watch Pokemon becus hes gonna get addicted and become a freak…lol doesnt that remind urselves of u and RuneScape? think about it and stop makin fun of him. i dont watch it but. i just posted that first thing cus he posted a picture of the game and i think that this should be with it.

Enough with the flaming. If he likes pokemon, he likes pokemon. Everyone has different tastes.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

yeah seriously pokemon isnt bad at all. its one of the most chalenging game and its actually pretty fun, youd be surprised.

and as for him being a freak and a nerd…look at you guys who cant stop playing runescape and going on the comp.

P.S. no i dont have pokemon emerald
:headbange flamable20

i used to play Pokemon so long ago…i dislike it now. but no reason to start flaming on this topic.

Same here I used to play pokemon :smiley: when i was like 7-8 and a half then got bored and just put down the gameboy,cards, and the cartoons lol and quit forever :smiley: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DP:D:DP:D :D:D:D:D:D

ohhh Pokemon cards used to be so addictive! i loved the Card Game!..lmao. but seriously. when i was like 7-8 probly (cant remember.)

Ya i had the cards soo adictive I gave em all away lmao one day and was a happy day for me finally got rid of those jappenes mice that invaded my room lol :smiley:

EXACTLY!!! you are EXACTLY saying what i was thinking of. If i still was using term noob, i would call you guys that way! Sry to say. i think d link b isnt very happy now.

BTW i dont have emerald, but I have sapphire. Though I am not playing it anymore as much as I used to… =)