Possibly my favourite poem that I've written

Put this in your pipe and smoke it. For now I just call it a strange grouping of contradictions.

Silently exploding inside my mind
I know the destination but it’s so hard to find
The clock is still ticking my heart has stopped
Everything is so easy now that reality has been blocked

I’m standing alone in this crowded hall
Refusing temptation to let myself fall
I’ve got all the time in the world, yet my sand’s trickling fast
I’ve got to find a way to make evanescence last

My vision is so clear but I still can’t see
My nature is, to refuse to be
My senses have been fighting to determine what’s real
My hand is on eternity but I still can’t feel

I’m afraid of never meeting fear
All my hatred contained in these tears
You shadow the sun in a beautiful eclipse
My lips touch yours in a morbid bliss

The first time I was in the dark I saw the light
I’ve lived forever, now I die tonight
If you refuse to love you refuse to hate
Forget emotion, there is no need to escalate

Time, is such a wondrous thing
Repeating every memory within a pendulum swing
Hold me down so that I may get up again
All the power in the world destroyed by my hand

I’ve been so thirsty all these years
But all I have to drink is these salty tears
Help me out by staying away
My conscience tells me that it refuses to stay.

Silence is golden, yet your poem speaks…

That means alot to me grp, thanks bro.