Possibly the most entertaining coporate site ever!


Before you ask, it is not lė pr0n. Nudie is a brand of fruit juice that is pure fruit. Seriously, nothing except crushed fruit. Also, check out this part of the site. What I found amusing is that I have never seen such a layed-back company site.

Haha… Pretty cool site, nice find.

Haha, thats really cute. :laughing:

haha thats so funny…im crying, the guys holding his area lol!!!

Lol. I want a nudie! throws riot

They are really yummy. Also, check out this picture lol!

holy crap thats so cool! i want to see more floating barneys!

Nudie! I want a nudie!

Ownage blimp. :slight_smile:

I might move to Australia just so I can see it flying over my house =D.

Lol. That was funny. I’m gonna send a complaint for no reason.

That hot air baloon looks wrong O.o

ROFL!!!That is such an awesome site, I nearly fell off my chair reading those reasons. Nice find :cool: Nudies for life!

Uh…ya. Even though its a drink it still doesn’t sound right.

“You guys wana drink some nudie” Yea that sounds wrong lolz.

lol "ive got some nudies in my room!!!"lololol i wish i was austrilian

“You guys wana watch some nudies as we drink”

rofl, nice find. Get nudie at work. LOL! This is possibly the funniest thing i have seen in a while.