!Post Count!

Does anyone average more post counts than me a day? Right now it’s 65 per day lol. Pwnt.

I used to have 25 per day before i didnt post for like a month… now its 16 or 17

Didnt ogos second account (Volver) have about 164 per day for a while?

Ya I think. Anyways I’m supposing this is going to get…locked. Its not a justifiable reason for a topic. Lol.

Umm…it’s in off topic smart one, you posted about your 3k post why should this get locked and your not? Gawsh think before you post.

Because you can only post about your post count if you have reached 2k or over. Read the rules. Lol. And I did think but maybe someone didn’t…(I’m talking about you unless you didn’t figure that out already)

Jealous -.-

You may have the highest average post count, but sadly, the majority of them are spam.

OMG it’s not spam.

I don’t see why it matters, this might as well be a thread about who has the most free time to post.

yes, most of it is pointless spam.

i’m at 55… its close…

Slight proof towards your " Pointless Spam ".

Thank you iSeeTrees/Spork! Since this is spam I won’t post here.

Good good :stuck_out_tongue:

-Spam Cancel- I think someone had 100+ a while back.

I have 23.4 average.

:teacher: Unkle sarp is ready to teach!

According to Unkle Sarps data…

The lower the post count, the higher the rate!

Cause cause its like like…I dunno, but I think my theory is correct? ><

I post average is about 5 per day.

Its the quality that counts, lokis wolf has not very many post, but ALL of them are quality filled.

thats an understatement… pity i can’t read a single dam one…