Post if you do not like new Dragon leg look

I noticed a lot of people did not like the way new dragon legs looked. Personally, I don’t really care what they look like until my defense is 60 and I am a member :lol:(next month) :wink:. So I made my own version of the legs. They are kind of dragon chain legs.

It is the best i could do on paint. If you could please post your version of dragon legs.

those look better than what they really look like nice job

so dragon legs are out?

Yeah, d legs are out. I dont like what they did with drag legs, they look the same as normal platelegs except red. I rate your pic a 8.5/10, nice job.

Very interesting =p Nice job.

the legs were not sweet as like d chain and the other d itams its probab;ey the wost d itam they came out with in look

I think red dragonhides legs look much better than the new drag legs. :smiley:

not to good man but i like it 8/10
and 1slipknot1 iam a fan of slipknot too pm me , i need to talk to u

i like yours but the real look like crap but yours are good 9/10

they may look cool now, but what happens when the pl8 comes out? the chain look on the legs will look dumb with a dragon pl8. nice try but i rate 0/10

(Rancid Knights Foe Life!!!)


i rate this 8.5/10

this guy rules. i really like the legs but i dont see any horns or anything. still good tho. keep up the good work.

I don’t like the dragon plateleg look. They look too bulky and fat.

y did u steel my pic y is evert one stealing it i am getting mad

Chain legs looks better, the real ones are uuuggglllyyy, but they are going to force me to get a square med and chain

Yeah I agree the legs are a little fat, so I will make the whole thing over from scratch. I might put horns on them :twisted: .

what def does the dragon legs give?