Post in my blog!

Ya, my school wanted the Advanced kids to set up blogs so we can post our homework there to save paper. So ya, post in my blog everyone, just keep it appropriate becasue I moniter all incoming posts and will delete them if they have any fould language. Please don’t post things that could offend other people like “OMG” or “WTF” (I know, the school’s pretty tight as far as rules go).
but ya, my blog URL is
Post all ya want, but keep it appropriate. Thatnk you all

Err. I tried, did it work?

You have to approve me :smiley:

you are nick right? pujols

Okay, I will CHRIS C. lol. :slight_smile:

Yeah he is.

ok, just wanted to make sure he wasn’t some child molester…
And we had to do our first name and last initial. I wanted to do XHells_RejectX, but my teacher wouldn’t let me…

How do I type a message?

Click feedback.

I clicked somewhere and typed hi Chrisak and typed in some code… Did it work? I’m Mcclarenf3 like you didn’t know :slight_smile:

ok, cool. But I’m gonna delete it. Could you please post saying, “hi Chris”. I don’t think the school would like me posting this on a forum, lol
<EDIT> actually, nvm.
But from now on people, refer to me as Chris. I don’t wanna get in trouble for doing this, lol.

c’mon guys, post in my blog! I wanna make all the other kids feel bad by having tons of posts