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well this is a story i was in the wild very very deep at the bone yard we where getting bones to get are prayer on then all of a sudden a huge group of people attked us i attked back my friend telied and i was all alone with out any teleport runes i had steel full this is when i was noobish well that cost me a lot and i started to run when only one guy came after me and it was a guy my lvl i attked him and got a skull killed him and got his full rune muahahahah! then a mage attked i died so much for the story huh :cry:

Lol, so you made one person very sad, and one person very happy!

lol, that mage must have been very happy when he got full steel and full rune when u died. :smiley:

LOL, ya.

Lolz, 1 mad and 1 happy, put them together and you got 0 happy 0 mad.lolz