post ur best hits and look at mine here

hey everyone i did this wityh rune platelegs rune platebody addy full helm and of course my rune 2h!!!

check this out

um… i can’t see the pic…

cant see the pic

my highest hit is 23 with a r2h, sorry i want to see yours…but i cant :frowning:

my highest hit is in my avatar

33, and cant c urs, but i know lots of people have said that b4 :stuck_out_tongue:

25 fer me :frowning:

My highest is 15 with rune scimmy,stregnth pot and prayer and 12 with rune scimmy only.Thats so low for lvl 65. :frowning:

umm…does 42 with d hally special attacks count :lol:

i hit 21s with d long special =)

My highest is 17 with a r2h and people copy and paste the link to the qaddress bar