posting news updates

why isnt the link to post news updates on the chronicles theme of the site? whenever i try to post an update, i have to switch the theme to something else.
sickmate 8)

If your talking about rsr you cant post updates on the frontpage unless your a mod with an admin account.
Explain exactly what you mean by news updates.

Yeah, Duke has to give you an admin account if you wanna post news updates. If you mean in the news/announcments forum only mods/admin can do that.

OK, now you are worrying me :lol:. You mean someone with Moderator powers, hopefully. We can’t have an infected Moderator hacking into Duke’s account, can we :P?

Yeah, I think it is pretty much clear why now. You need to be a Moderator or an Administrator to do it.

No need to worry about that, Duke sets our admin accounts to be able to do only specific things, i.e be able to post news add to the databases.
I can only post news. I know some of the other mods have or have had other admin account privelages.

i mean the runescape updates and news
and i know its not just mods, cos i did it once. i had to switch my theme to do it though. once i pressed ok and sent it, it said it was processing one already though, but it added mine to the list.
sickmate 8)

Where did you post this update cause I have no idea what you are on about.

you know under the newest post box on the front page? where it has all of the rs updates and stuff? i posted one of those things in.
sickmate 8)

It is impossible for you to have done it, the site has a page which records who has posted updates and news on the frontpage and your name isnt on the list.

I also know for a fact that you don’t have an admin account and theres no way to post there without having one.

There is a way to submit news, not post news, for normal members. Basically it sends a message to me, and I either approve it or disaprove it. Sickmates wasn’t posted because I got to his message too late.

yay finally someone understands what i meant. ok yeah when i submitted it, someone had already submitted one, so mine wasnt put in, but to submit it, i had to change the theme to actually find the link.
sickmate 8)