power chord academy?

I live in San Diego, and I play guitar, and I saw in an ad on ultimate-guitar.com that theres this really big school type thing that sorts you into a band with other people of your age and skill and music type, professionals teach the band stuff, you make a recording in a pro studio, you make a music video, and you get a private concert from a popular band, like greenday and stuff! The only problem is it costs A LOT!

I was wondering if anyone here has gone to it, because I am thinking of going, because its coming to my city in a few monthes.

Heres the link


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Anyone know anything about it?

I don’t know anything about it.

The Question is :

Are you good enough at guitar? And do you want to play Guitar the rest
of your life?

You could become a great player one day and join a great band…
I think you should go…

Yeah, there was a commercial that was similar to the idea of the Power Chord Academy… But yeah… I’m mainly focusing on asking you the questions that Lutenist brought up… If you really are devoted to your guitar in order to spend that money to go there then… Yeah, go ahead… Good luck… Otherwise, from what you’re saying… I don’t really think it may be worth your money… Seeing as you say it costs a LOT of money… But I dun know… You only live once and it seems like this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’s, so it may be worth your money… But the decision to sign up for it is totally up to you…

hmmmm i dunno what this has to do with nytin

death, I dont understand what you are asking
Also, I do w3anna play guitar the rest of my life, and the price is 1300 american dollars

Well, it’s good that you are dedicated to your guitar… BTW, how long are these lessons… I mean like how long are you trained and such before you get to play in front of the big guys? As long as you think it’s worth every penny, I can’t see that it couldn’t hurt to try this…

regardless of your ability or the money, you should go. There’s always a way around the cost, don’t let that bother you. but, you have to be confident that you want to do something with music and your willing to deal with it. cause it’s not as easy as it seems, you can just go and play and it’s great. there is a lot of hard work in it. But yes, it is DEFINATELY an experience if your willing to do it, i went to a similar camp, it wasn’t as big as that and i didn’t get a private show from a big band, but after 2 weeks of going there we recorded 3 songs and shot a video for one of them, it was amazing. You’ll never forget it and you’ll learn so much.

thanks everyone for your help

I have been playing for 5 years, and the camp is 1 week long from sunday to saturday, the type of camp where you stay there in dorm rooms throughout the week.

Also, I forgot to say, you get to play a concert to everyone who goes, and there are people from japan, europe, australia coming, so its gonna be big. But, its also twice as expensive as my newest limited edition strat, so its very expensive

Ohhhhhh… I thought it was like “SCHOOL” but for the gifted players of music and such!..It might still be worth it but…

Well after what 4n6er4fr34k said… I guess you should go then… But yeah… If you think you’ll learn a lot of stuff, make a lot of new friends, and feel like you will treasure this experience then well… Go… I mean this is a big thing as I can see it right now so I don’t see why you should miss out… But yeah… I just don’t want you to come back saying “Wow, I just wasted 1300 dollars…” or something… But yeah… If you think you’ll enjoy this experience, in which I’m sure you will after all the info I’ve been given, then have a blast… Be sure to write… JK… But seriously, be sure to tell us how it goes and well… Good luck and have fun…

well, its not till june, so i have time to say farewell :smiley:

i think u should go… seeing that you like guitar very much… Even though it costs alot, it could be worth it… :wink: