power mining and the way it can help your self

mining is knowen as the most boring skill …and im not gonna lie to ya…it is . i it my self but from the levels of 15-55 it can really help your skill total and your income 1k of iron now sells for 100k any1 with 15+ mining can make 100k in like 2 days if it is like 15-30.coal yes it is a good money maker but in free owrld and with 59- mining its really hard everyone will be there mining it iron soulds really noobish but you can male a lot of money this way thats how i started to make al my money my account on rsr is probly gonna be baned soon cuz i mods and have no self control so im geting rid of all my money makeing secrets…for all you poor noobs out there that want to make money and dont know how use my guide…member noobs …if u are lvl 20+ and want to make 1k of each kill …in edgeville there will be a bulding it has yew trees ans a dungen people know it as the way to the giant to get xp but in all realalty there a very good way to make money out there and in the "there are gold in d’em hill’s"lol chaos druids ( lvl 13 20 hp drops coins, bones ill be bak to post im moving this to the runescape fourm on rsr this is the wrong spot and i dident have time to move it

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