Prayer book pages

Ok, I’ve been doing treasure trails for 3 days now, and not one single page. Is there any certain creature to kill for a clue scroll that might help my chances of getting some pages for my zammy book? I can’t offord any more pages, so I’m down to treasure trails. I need pages 1 and 4.(z)
Oh, and I’ve been doing mostly level 1 trails, so does the level of treasure trail matter?

Well, certain monsters drop different levels of clue scrolls. I suggest killing monsters that drop lvl 2 - 3 clue scrolls.


higher lvl clues have higher priced prizes ive only seen guthix pages come from lvl 1’s so i suggest killing higher lvl monsters for higher lvl clues :wink:

well, I’ve managed to now get a couple sara pages from level 1 tt. My friend got a zammy page from the level 1 trial also, but I’ve yet to get a zammy page myself. Plus, we’ve been getting all our clue scrolls by thieving H.A.M. members. Any Ideas on what else we could get some clue scrolls from?

kill guards for lvl 2 clues

why dont u jut buy them??

I killed blue dragons and got one page from a scroll?

kill gaurds in varrock. i got zammy page treasure trail from one once.

once i got 4 lvl 1 clue scrolls in 2 days, and in 1 i got a zammy page (my scrolls : 1 from this dude in barbarian villege and 2 from HAM members)

kill harpie bug swarms, they drop runes often gold oten moth chains often and clue scrolls often and there lvl 2 scrolls

Just buy them?

nah they cost too much when you can just get them for free