Pre-Maridal(Sp?) Sex....Right or Wrong?

Do you believe Pre Maridal(Sp?) Sex (For people that don’t know, it is having sex before marraige.) Is wrong or right?

I’ll post my opinion later I have to go eat breakfast.

i honestley don’t see why not??
I mean, marriage is just something so the law knows that you are dating(that’s what i think).
And it has LOADS of paperwork if u want to get divorced, if ur not married, you can easily say:" cyaa" and neve see eachother agaian, but not when ur married.

My parents had sex when they were 19, and I was born. They got married 4 years later, so I was at their weading. Yay, I’m a bastard. :slight_smile:

I think it’s ok if your spouse thinks it’s ok. Also, being a couple doesn’t mean it’s essential to have sex. My final thought is that it’s what ever they want to do.

i personally think it is best to kinda wait until marriage and play it safe

lol nah no 1 waits any more as long as ya play it safe ya be ok

well to christians they would marry 1st then have it according to the bible lol :slight_smile:

The temptation to sig that is scary.

i dont relaly care and im christian…

hey as long as theres protection its fine

Sex is for creating life. Not for some cheap thrills for some idiot teens. I say, Do it once you’re married. Never otherwise.

You guys won’t have to worry about this any time soon…

hmmm well marriage kills your sex drive …so i would say go ahead…just remember to use a condom guys, my mom lied about being on the pill…and my sister was born…lucky for me, IM the vagas suviner…;D

If you ask me, it is not wrong. Also it will be best to wait after you arfe married.

lol you know whats funny half you say what you say and you proberly will do it any ways

people are going to do this no matter what lol

lol your ganna do that lol…
.but yha some girls you have to hold out for…and that might lead to marriage if you hold out long enough…but then the honny moon would be…w0w

I dont see any problem if they’re waring a condom. But sometimes they break too…

waits for Keyser

Haha if you can get it, get it. If you need to make excuses of why your not getting some like, “No sex before Marraige” then I laugh at you!

You say that now, ur only a kid, but wait until you start getting into puberty:).
you’l never belive that you said this.

Also alot of people say that they don’t have sex before marriage just to ‘play it safe’ what does that supposed to mean?