pretty big bank sale

give reasonable offers

contact me on game same username as rsr

I’ll pay an ammy of magic, a saph ring, and 1k for the black scimmy.

My RS name is Un4gvn0

a few probs i dont hav magic ammy didnt say the price of the ring of recoil and blk scimmy is worth more than 1k try 15-20k

B Scimmy, 15k. RSN: Startin-Ova.

Black body(g) 85k?

i u want sumtin add me dustan r now i am killing iron drags

well i don’t see you online :expressionless:

i’ll buy the nats and if there are yews i buy the yews

arent lanters untradeable? i tried making 1 for my freind then i traded him it, then it sed “u cannot trade this item”

or he isn’t member?

lantrens are tradeable i made 1 for friend and he has it now

remember if u want sumthing then contact me on the game dustan r

No, I meant I’ll give you an ammy of magic, a saph ring and 1k for the black scimmy.

how much 4 full black g

is that a diamond ammy? if so i buy. offer price in rs.
rs name: casey dog0

mutation i sold the pl8 so if u still want the kite and legs 150k?

casey yes that is a power ammy 10k sound good

ill buy the addy legs for 6k

I’ll buy all ur uncut emeralds for 200 ea.(highest 250 ea)

contact me in game and no im not selling the emerald for 200 ec

How bout 500 ea? RS name : grigor2000

the emeralds i was selling them for about 1k giv or take if u buy all 4 then it will b 3.5 hows that add me on runescape im sick right now so dont get mad if im not on much ok