Pretty Good PK

I just a a fairly good pk on my pure (well it’s good for his level). I got a rune scimitar, ammy of power, and 100 deaths (and some lobbies). The guy was level 56, my mage is only 44!

Btw, here’s my mage’s stats:

60 magic
43 prayer
40 HP
44 Combat
Everything else - 1

g’ job man, haven’t seen you on RSR in a while…
nice stats by the way!

:headbange flamable20

Ty, my mage cost like 3 million overall (mostly in big bones). And yeah, I haven’t been on RSR for awhile.

Good pk. Wow 3 mil, i dont even have 3 mil. the last time i went in the wild was… never.

lol nice Pk and mage…

Lol, pretty nice pk but… grrrr! u should know to post a pic of it! lol, not to disrespect mutation…

my best is 20 lobbies rune 2h and a rune scimmi and an anit dragon shield

Thats not a bad pk for such a low level…I’ve been thinking about making a pure but it would take to much time away from my main account :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair pk , congrats

Trash Pker because of 43 prayer.

gj man… i havent pked much latly so havent got ne thing good 2 share

lol it’s a very good pure, unlike what slayermaster said…

That’s a sweet pk for your pure!
Congrats! :slight_smile:

cool my best was a guthix kite lol

Pretty good