pretty sad

my dog just got put to sleep yesterday and im very sad and come to find out my fish just died too :cry: :cry: :cry: and i miss them very much :cry:

What’s this about smithing/mining/crafting

he obviously posted in the wrong topic :roll:

anyway, i’m sad that your dog died and I’m sure you are… how old was it?

I’m sorry to hear the news… I hope you feel better though this should be in the off-topic forum… Not to be a mod or anything… But yeah, you have my thoughts…

i feel sorry for u, once i had a dog that had to be put to sleep, except i was only about 6 wen it happeneed :cry: now i have a new one :lol: and she is a ver good dog, sometimes u just have to move on, i know that sounds mean and all except its the truth. :oops: :cry: