Previous Jobs

Tell us about your previous jobs, what you hated about them, What you loved about them… whether you wanted to r2h the boss :D.


This thread won’t go far, most of us are too young to work.

i might be getting a job sometime soon
im almost done my resume and next weekend im going like everywere i can think of and dropping them off, and my friend is going to put in a good word for me at the place he works

:P. I worked when I was 13. I was one of those people who dress up in an Eagle Boys Pizza suit and start dancing, handing out panflets.

I am 14 now :smiley:

Lol, nice :tongue:.

I’ve worked for my dad, and I like it :smiley: 5 bucks an hour, but he still gives me more then that :slight_smile:

Working for parents is great; especcially when your in the trade.

My mates get around $500 a week, and they are only 16 years old. You just need muscles and you need to be willing carry stuff all day :snaggleto

Thats not bad…

I don’t go in much, 'cause the stupid social services told my dad off for it.

they yelled at your dad for you working there? thats gay, if u enjoyed it, and u did the work, and he made sure you were safe than there should have been no problem…dam goverment

Thats what I said. I wanted to do it, and I enjoyed it. Its messed up :worried:.

I am still on my first job at Menards, and it is going good. It should stay this way for awhile.

I have a few jobs…
first newspaper route…never let the people pay late because if they don’t pay, it money out of your pocket.

second, cassvesser/kiosk (salesman)…I went door-to-door selling subscriptions to the newspaper. It was great because I was paid off of comission.

third, KFC…all I can say is don’t work fast food.

fourth job my Petland job I have right now. its wicked because it is slack and easy to sell things because my job in salesmenship before.

to sum it up, don’t work fast food, comission is sometimes good, if you get paid per hour too.

I work for a card shop near my Dad’s house, it’s great because I’m into Magic The Gathering so I get money to buy cards plus I get a discount on them. Two way win. Heck Ya!

I used to work for a GFX company… I did designs for them.
My job was cut because they didn’t have enough money to maintain the company.

What a awsome variety of jobs; GFX job, KFC, Card shop, Menards…

All I have to say is… cool :wink: