Price ajustment!!!!!

since jagex has changed the ess types how much is each worth???

for more info about the swich go to


normal ess is worth 23 - 25gp each

kool i can buy cheat ess 4 airs and fires etc, and get good ess 4 evrything else:)

Not sure about that, I think you can only have 1 type of ess - depending on your mining and runecrafting level


it is all to do with if you are a member or not

f2p get normal ess just for the normal runes
p2p get pure ess this can be used on anything

it is all to do with people using bots to mine ess to make money
if you read the update it will explain it all there. so it lowers the
price of f2p ess but im not shore of p2p ess any1 know that should
post here to help people out.

yay 200 posts