Price Check:How much is full saradomin armor?

I really need a price check so please give me replies! Thanks in advance!

Around 4 mil+

Around 4 mil? Can you give me an exact price please??

Sometimes you will get lucky and it will be lower. The prices are startin to drop too, because of the barrows armour.

Heh I hope I get lower. Can someone give me a list of what each piece is worth please?
B pl8
Pl8 legs
Full helm
weapon (lol jk)

Go to runescaperealm site, not forums, and click on price guide. The price guide button is located on the left side.

It’s also on the forums…It’s a sticky.

I just go to the site, it’s easier for me =P.

Btw, how much are 1k raw lobbies?

I think it’s like 200-300k but i can’t remember… Darn lol!

1k cooked lobsters are 250k I believe. I’m not sure, but I hope that helps =D.

YAY! woohoo lol ill get full sara in no time!! Woot woot woohoo! TY

No problem. Any other questions, or is that all?

mostly yeh. Got my lists to get full sara and to sell the lobbies. 17 loads of 1k lobbies… wow! Me getting lv. 99 fishing soon lol.

Actually, full sara has dropped a lot. You can easily get t for around 3.5m +/- a few hundred k.

i bought my full sara for 3.4mil, but it ranges from 3.3mil to 4mil, but in my opinion a good price to get it for would be from 3.3mil to 3.6mil no higher

Basically what he said. And Iced your right, I have seen them drop lately.

i think around maybe um 2.5 mil - 3 mil

i payed 3.5 mil for mine then 2 minutes later a guy said selling for 3 mil i was so ticked. lol