Price check MAUL, then buyin maul

Mauls are only a mil now right? well i got a good offer for 1, 350k, sara helm, d b ax, red mystic gloves, thats well over a mil. the sara helm is 750k and im also givin 350k and thats…1,100,000gp right (1.1mil) plus the ax makes 1.3 or 1.28 and gloves are like…well idk i hear the top at 50k, but taht my offer…any sellers?

most ppl only take money for a g maul

yer if i had 1 i would…keep it it rocks!

there 500-750k right now, not 1mill anymore
sickmate 8)

hey wayz up peoples?

I’ll sell, my username is ghender12.