Price Check on dragon hatchet

what is the price so i know how much i need to save up!

Sorry but this is the wrong section. The right section is weapons/armour section. I think they go for around 500k

i think 750k-1mil+ 400th post!!!

isn’t it a rare item?

its not a rare item

Technically it is, or was, rare at one point… Maybe the first day it came out. But it isn’t a Holiday item, or anything of the sort… And more of them pop up into the game. So I wouldn’t buy one just yet… I’m assuming in a few weeks the price could go as low a s200k.

Yeah i bought one for 800k couldn’t be bothereed with it and sold int for half price lol yeah in a month or so they’ll be as rare AS A BRONZE DAGGER (ok thats a bit of an exageration but Bah!)

Yes…wrong section. BUT theres a d hatchet now??? omg i didnt no…

Yeah, it came out quite recently. Keep up with the times! ¬_¬

~The bad man has spoken

Lol…i wasnt on for two weeks so sorry :shy:

yeh d hatchet isnt rare

but you guys arnt really giveing me a price…

(YES 200 POSTS!!!)

650k-1m i think

destroyer ha how u get warior for life?

Dragon hatchet is worth 700k - 1.2M, but it will be worth 200k - 300k after 1 month…

its rare, but not a rare item. Its 800k as of now

yep d hatchets r around 300k now and they are dropped by new suppreme daggonoth rexes or something over at waterbirth island