price check on full guthix

how much does full guthix go for and how much is is each piece?

Full is 1.8-2 mil.

Plate: 800k
Legs: 500 - 600k
Kite: 500k
Helm 200k?

Total: 3.1mill - 3.2mil…

I think you’re talking about Zammy…

no im talking about guthix…i heard 1.5m bvut i could be wrong im selling a bunch of stuff, including runes, some gems, arrows and some other stuff including a rune pick if any1 wants to bu any of it

I think he’s^ talking about Zammy. Guth is 1.8-2 mil.

It’s about 1.9M

Are you sure it is 1.9 mill because i see people selling them for 4 mill

…4m…thats not even close…its around 1.9m…4m is a rip

1.8 million

thanks alot guys i opend up a feather company and will soon be able to buy it

A few times i’ve seen it for 1.7 mill and once i saw 1.6mill 1.8 is the average

I once bought it and tried to sell it for 2 mil. Here’s a tip, don’t try that. @_@ lol

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i think its 2.1mil for ful but im not sure on how much each piece is