Price check on gold boots and gold cape

how much do gold boots and gold capes cost? and i dont mean the yellow capes, the 1’s u can dye, i mean the GOLD capes.
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Check under runescape in the forums its a sticky there… if you dont find it there then continue on with this post…

You can dye yellow capes, go to aggie in draynor village and she will explain which ingrediants to gather.

Yellow boots: They are members objects. Cannot be obtained in F2p.

no no no, i want gold cape
ive seen one its the same colour as the boots and gloves, not yellow

No, it’s yellow.

im serious. its gold
the guy wearing it was wearing gold boots, gloves , cape, and decorative armour. he was lvl 110
no way was it yellow - i was wearing my yellow cape and they wer so much different
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my brother went pkin one day and got a gold cape and trust me it wasnt yellow

I dont think anyone knows. Is that level 110 here?

You can buy the boots in Canifis after completing the Priest in Peril quest. You can buy the cape in Rellekka. You have to be a member to be able to buy and wear them.

thanks every1
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