Price check

How much do willows sell for? thanks for your help :melodrama :yes: :bouncy:

20 too 45 depending on amount

30 gp each

manily 30gp each

ummmmmmmmm…its around 35gp each in world1

roughly 30…but if you merchant…by 20ea and sell 40ea.

once rich players can’t find willow sellers they buy it for 60gp each they bought it from me for 80gp each and i have about 8k of them…i wasluckey i say what he said cause i was going to sell for 30gp so i made a 50gp eaxtra from the price i was looking for…lol

dude…its mostly 30ea at draynor but if you merchant i would go to champions guild out side and buy from those ppl(they sell 10ea lol)

Thanks guys i knew forums would help me :smiley: :cool: now mod plz shut this file down thanks. :wave:

20-40gp each