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Runescape Items and Price Guides!

I need people to post all the items with the prices in shop and on the market… im hoping to get all the items in a short ammount of time and please if you provide pictures please give a url and make them transparent please… if they aren’t transparent then i will install mgi and make them transparent but please try to contribute so people can use this as a guide for buying things and selling them… prices may vary but thats ok i will take the prices from high to low as the market value…
please keep pictures the same as in game!

Picture : Name : Market Value

None : Gold Bar : Unkown

Example of set up… please put it in that for i will update this post with the provided names… please people keep this topic going dont let these RSR members down please provide prices for a price guide!

It’s already been thought of. Look under runescape. It’s sticked there.

ok i will check…

Already Existent