Price of ess going up?

Anyone know if the price of ess is going up? Or should i say is pure ess more expensive then normal ess? If so and you know how much pure ess is, please tell me either pm or post here, be appreciated.

i think pure ess was around 45 to 55 each because on #rsmarket (swiftswitch) people were selling for that much

Pure es will be selling for more in members, but normal will still be same in f2p

45-55 ea?? F**KING HELL!! I haven’t seen any prices yet, but I’m going to sell my ess for that much! Ess merchanting is fun again!


EDIT: Just realised I’m sitting on nearly 2 mills worth of pure ess…

no normal will be less is f2p

I’m getting kinda excited now, i want 4 more rc lvls for 60, then i should have around 125k pure ess left to sell, make me a bit of money.

And also yes I’ve given up on 75 rc lol, i realised that if i used up all ess i’d have no money :slight_smile:

i would hold your ess for a few days see what happenes man they say it will go farther up if its still same in few days then sell