prises??? plz help...

if addy (t) is golden, and a full addy (t) with kite (t) costs 200k - 300k
what is a addy (g) then, and what costs it???

they are golden both, right…or…no?

plz pm me and reply here…

plz help…

addy (g) is bout the 450k without kite i think…

Your question has confused me for the rest of the day.

addy (t) is normal stupid looking addy trim
addy (g) is the addy with gold trim

he is confused, addy (t) is trimmed is black round it addy (G) is gold round it it is more expensive than trimmed

full addy (g) is about 400k
full addy (t) is about 350k

i get sick of the high prices of these things


some peeps just can’t afford like me :cry:

but it also shows that u worked hard to get it

i do work hard but still poor as hell

i have addy (g) and full rune, and addy (g) is all for looks, i paid like450k for my addy (g) and it sucks ass, i prefer rune anyday, i just have it for looks, it dosent give u that much protection tho, and i have a question of my own, do u guys think that addy (g) and full rune is a good trade for rune (g), :?: iv been looking for someone to sell me rune (g) and they all say its like 2mil or some shit like that, i think thats wayyy to much for it. well write me back yal, and im also selling my addy (g) so if any off u wanna buy its 500k.

that is a rip of it is from 200k to 300k