Private Messaging Me

It’s time for another posting of what happens when you message me.

Many of you may have noticed that I am not on so much anymore. This isn’t the case so much as the fact that I don’t have chat turned on. The reason? I can’t get anything done if chat is turned on. Whenever I turn it on, i have literally hundreds of people messaging me.

It is physically impossible to respond to everyone, as I can’t see every message.

When you do see chat on for me, please think about the reason you want to send me a message. Don’t send a message just to say “hi”. Don’t send a message begging.

IF you beg, you will be put on ignore, with no warning or admonition

If you want to trade me, please send me a PM ON RSR first, to let me know or your intent. We will arrange a time to do so.

yo keyser why dont you raffle off some free classes of the one mil classes? it will hep the noobs out. dont worry i dont want it i have played rs long enough to know how to play well. BEEn in rs over 2-3 yrs :slight_smile:

Hmm…not a bad idea, i could raffle off a class. I could, for example, have people pay 50k for a ticket, sell 20 tickets, then raffle off the winner of the 1 mil tution class? Or sell 10 tickets for 10k each and raffle off the 100k tuition class? Is that what you mean?

You are like me my friend, too many random messages. That’s why I wanted to talk to you through RSR pm’s. Hehe

Yes, my ignore lists grows daily… :slight_smile:

Uhh I don’t know what to say about the constant number of people being added to your ignore list… Hehe but that raffle idea for your classes, may I say, sounds like a great idea! I have been meaning to check out one of your classes… Where can I sign up?


You can’t sign up yet, as they are currently not being taught…I will hopefully start back next week.

p.s. you may want to shorten you signature; they are cracking down on that.

Alrite, I’ll sign up once they start… And oh yeah forgot about the signature thingy… Thanks :slight_smile:


lol. I just went through my ignore and i have like 40 people on it, i had that many cause i lost my membership for like, 3 days and kept my pirate hat on. so people were like, " can i have rune items?"

Yes, I have a zero tolerance policy for begging. I pay generously for many things, but I ignore beggers…

Dave Barry, I’ve heard that name before… where do you live, anywhere near missouri? or kansas?

Wow, what a way to change the subject… I don’t live anywhere near those two places, however I do travel to Kansas for work every once in a while. Why do you ask?

P.S. IF anyone was insulted from a PM from me recently, I ask your forgiveness. My account was temporarily hijacked by a friend.

I know someone by the name, sounds like something he would say.

:pirate: Arimosa

Yes master, we will not make you mad!

Red Wraith!!! We have someone new to educate about the wonders of Dave Barry! Arimosa doens’t know the genious that is he!!

Dave Berry is a killer funny Comedian! Go to his website!

Wow…great minds think alike, eh , Red?