Probably my best trade ever lol!

Ok today I was in fishing guild and I was bored so I tried to see if anyoen would buy my robin hood hat. They have been declining in price lately and are worth around 1.55-1.65 mil. Lol I made a killing in this trade :stuck_out_tongue: The dragon hide is black btw and the mystic stuff is white/gold.

Dang… That’s a LOT of stuff… But then again, robin hood hats are pretty expensive in the merchanting/trade worlds now on RSR… Oh well, congratz on that trade… May you have quality trades like that in the future…

good enough trade… (1.3 cash and the glorys (4 of them) was enough lol)

She kept asking if that was enough and I kept saying no so she kept adding lol…what can I say :stuck_out_tongue:

dang now im jealous especially that my friend got white calavier for free but you oh im way more jealous

dam son !!!1

DANG!!! I envy you so much! I wish something like that would happen to me.

great trade, and she even added an air tiara

dayumn… wish i had 1 mill almost there… 400k away!!!

and then u woke up… and realized that there r no white cavvys…

Lol…shes probly wearing the hat and thinking “wat the hell did i just do!!!” :jester::jester::jester:

P.S. u got rippd off

JK :huge:

Wow, robinhood hats are only like 1.2mill now… Great deal!

Nice trade, thats like 2 mill of stuff! Now we can’t be merry men together :frowning:

nice trade and if u wanted u could sell the stuff and then buy a new one and make a big profit

wow!!! nice trade!!! :cool:
id kill for atleast 1!!! :wink:
can i have some? lol :smiley:
…im sorta a nOOb so that stuff is realy good to me! :hyper:

Holy…just for a hat :expressionless:

Thats price scamming he can send a query about that.

Anyway W00T4G3 for you!

wow. i saw a robin hood hat going for 500k once!!! and u got all that!
sickmate 8)

Verrryyyyyy nice trade

nice trade u did there : ))