problems playing rs....

occasionally when i am playing runescape i get a symbol in the bottom right hand corner of my screen saying “local area connection 2 a network cable is unplugged”. this then cuts me off from runescape, i log back on and it does the same thing 3 minutes later… anyway i am by no means a computer expert but ive heard that this problem often occurs on p2p systems. is there any way to fix it?
a quick reply would be appreciated

on p2p systems? you use a peer to peer system or are you saying pay to play?

either way, when it says network cable is unpluged it means exactly that, your netowrk cable is unpluged
~ solution: check you network cables, make sure their firmly in the computer, ( if you pull on them they dont pop out )

if your on wireless, you have a weak signal and when the signal strength gets below 20% it cuts off your internet,
~ solution: move your wireless reciever closer to the direction of the wireless hub, or the hub to your reciever, or if you have the money - buy a higher strength reciever or hub which can span the distance from your hub to reciever keep in mind though:

brick slows down RF about 1 foot - 3 feet
lead stops rf ( if you have lead pipes in an old house, move it to see if you can get around it )

wood/drywall close to no effect on RF

yea he pretty much solved your question, i guess your router could also be crappy or broken i use to have a problem where my router would just randomly stop working and i would have to take out and replug in the power cord to the router but i doubt thats the case

probably just an error connecting to internet servers