Professional Championships

As the Super Bowl rapidly approaches, who do you think will take it home? I personally think it will Atlanta vs. New England in the final game, with New England taking it. No one in the NFC will be able to contain Michael Vick, and without Terrel Owens the Eagles are hopeless!

Also, what are your takes on the NBA? Who do you think is the best team at the moment in the NBA? Even though they are not playing like it, the Pistons have to be a favorite. At the moment the San Antonio Spurs I think are playing like the best team.

i honestly have no idea lol, we havent got the superbowl in this country, and i dont watch american football.

i do like sports, but i like playing them and not watching them lol, basketball would be my favorite to play, or baseball.

Exactly the same as me, in Australia you have to have pay tv to watch american football.

Figures, I wanted to argue with someone!

Ok, I’ll play :wink:

I was going for Redskins all the way to the superbowl, but they were one game short of the playoffs, which cut my hopes down to pieces. Of course there’s always next year, and with Joe Gibbs coaching, its not as distant as it sounds. Their defence is one of the strongest in the nation, they just need to get their offence together.

Yeah their defense is very solid, but that offence is a mess!

Yes, now this is a topic I can really talk about! The pistons are a good team, especially with Ben Wallace and his hair :smiley: . But I think the Miami heat are probably the best team out there. Dwayne Wade and Shaq are a hot duo right now!

With Miami though, their other starters as well as their bench are just decent. They of course have to be a favorite in the east since it isn’t that great. The phoenix suns are also looking like a great team. Amare Stoudamire has been unstoppable lately.

I think the New Jersey Nets are falling apart. They lost Kenyon Martin, their physical intimidator! But Kidd and Jefferson are doing great!

Even with their new addition Carter, I don’t think their gonna be a real threat. What the heck has gotten into kidd lately?

I haven’t been able to see any Nets games recently, I’ve mainly watched the Miami Heat, and the Heat are on fire! Dwayne Wade, Eddie Jones, and Shaq are really taking it up a notch.

back to super bowl talk i think its gonna be the colts gettin in Manning is just a great qb but you cant discredit McNabb(think thats how its spelled

I think the ccolts will beat the patriots this weekend, but not the steelers. The only reason new england will fall is because of their greatly depleted secondary. The colts wide recievers are too good for second stringers to cover.

Its obvious who will be crowned super bowl champ and that is the Steelers! They will beat the…Patroits 27 to 21!

Birjel, they are in the same conference they can’t face each other in the super bowl lol!!!

Lol that shows how much I know about football…Ok then how about the Steelers and the colts with the score being the same?

Nope try again mate :wink:

about half way through the season i was saying its gonna be an all Pa super bowl…steelers and philly but without TO can the Eagles pull it off or will they choke? i still want the colts to make it in lol i think they may get lucky with the steelers…you never know

hmm ok sport its gonna be the steelers vs. the 49ers!

The 49ers aren’t in the play offs and I think it’s going to be the Patriots and the Eagles in the Superbowl…