Protection Squad

I had another idea. I was thinking, and I went back to an idea i had. What if i organized some of the best PURE pkers from RSR into a squad that protected Rune Miners. So lvls 20-40 would protect a lvl 3 or something who goes into wild to mine rune for a fee. Comments? Desire to sign up? Post here.

its a good idea but there is a clan that does it for free they are named wilderniss guardians

good idea buts thats were i pk lol

Wilderness Guardians just stands at the Rune Rocks whenever they get a chance… im talking about a professional squad, that will go for a certain time and protect a certain miner for a fee.

sounds cool, Im i can take weekend shifts :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA, a gay, retarded clan :wink:

What’s good about a clan that acually PROTECTS miners?!?!

I know, thats dumb. They could always just kill em and get better profit!
WG is a dumb clan, because they TRY and think they help the sport of PKing.

Enjoy making it, il be glad to drop bye and kill you, so pointless pking there is fun, free rune pl0x!

Umm no i mean yeh il help and i wont turn against the miners, no not at all.

lol thanks for your support hodgeheg. and cashol, thank you for your TRUE support lol. WG doesnt really do anything in my opinion. But this isnt even a clan. Were basically mercenaries, lol. Post on here if you want to join, combat lvl, and what type of pure you are. if you know any miners, let us know…

rofl worst idea ever if yall dont mind i will come out and own yall

range/mage hybrid
60 range
45 (soon to be 50) mage
50 hp
42 combat
How much $ we talkin?

ill join to cause this does make sense after all
combat statts are in highscores and i dont know miners

Would they only recruit homosexuals then? :s

Since when was it a sport? Last time I checked it was as simple as killing the first person you see…