ps3 or x-box2

i think ps3 will out sell x2 by a landslide cause of the game issue…i mean ps3 will have a black lazer and its own set of games…good games not stall games like xbox has…and u can play past games on not only one but two systems…


Sony’s never let me down before. So I’m going with the PS3…

go ps3! ive been with sony since the original ps1 and ive always been happy so i say ps3 if u didnt already get that

first, considering xbox itself is more advanced then ps and theyved had about 10 years ahead of xbox, it will probly have about 2 times the fetures ps3 will have, probly even more controller ports, something sony will never do :stuck_out_tongue: xbox wont be stupid like ps and make differnt games for each systm, thats just plain stupid, if you have a set of systms the same make why make games that can only run on 1? they were stupid with ps2 and probly will be with ps3

Me too! The Playstation is what really got me into games. Then the Playstation 2 blew my mind! It’s a great company.

you do no that the reason that you cant play ps2 games on ps1 is that the games for ps2 are better made and require things that was made in the ps2 and not the ps1. and what is the point of making a better system if the games that are made are the same(ie why make a system if the game that are made for it can play on the system before it) making it so that x-box 2 games play on the original then no one would spend the 200 or so dollers on x-box 2 and having no one do that would just waste the many years that have ben spent divloping it

first of all let me congratulate u for being a moron…yea!!! now then down to buisness…lets compare sales shall we o wait there is no reason 2 because ps has always and will always conquer xbox…microsoft needs to stick with computer games…ps3 will rule x2 like ps2 ruled xbox


they have a wider range on baby games? half of ps2 games are for very young kids, explains tiny controlls they have about as many decent games as xbox… ps2s been out longer then xbox. anyway you dont know, now opeople have tried xbox they might wat x2 more then ps3… took a servey of 500 people guess what… 70% think it was stupid to bring out games just for ps2 that u couldnt play on ps1… fair enough some you couldnt because of graphics but alot you could of.

r u a complete moron…how would u be able to play ps2 games on the ps1…it jsut doesnt work…u wont be able to play x2 games on the xbox1 either becase then u dont have to buy the SYSTEM which makes the money…so srry u lose again…


no its called being smart… as i said half the games for ps2 are utter crap, ps1s cheeper… so for a kids first console when there young ge tthem that for like 20£ and u can still play aload of the games. how would u play ps2 games on ps1? quite simple dumbarss put the disk in… turn on the tv, most likely to av, pick up the controll… press start. if you got like a family with 5 kids. u wont just buy 1 ps2… it would cause arguements, specialy with lack of controlls, if there all quite young why not buy 5 ps1s for price of 1 ps2? yet u can still get more recent games.

i have all the consoles…i prefer gamecube to ps2 and xbox rules them all…

only one thing to say here

lol, i am the only one here who prefers x2?
dude its gonna have a way better graphic card and i here some of tha new games on it r gi heard lately that microsoft has been workin on halo3 coz no.2 got sold like a flash!
i reks x2 for graphic,no wasting money on memery cards,and MUCH more space capabilities!
Go x2, thats my vote!!

see kicks, some people are actly smart :stuck_out_tongue: x2 will be better, and its bungie working on halo 3, micro just supports it

thankz chase :smiley: nice to see sum pplz actually think!!

kicks your such a baby, micro works on xbox for better gaming! not like frigen sony,they should get back to discmans and music!compare that to gaming before u compare micro an xbox!and xbox ALSO lets you save ur own music on it!so u dont have to waste time listening S*** music!on games!man think about it b4 u make pointless topics,and ccall other people babies when u ARE 1! :evil: :oops: <–( supposed to be exausted in my case at the moment) 8)

ps3 for ever

if it wasnt for halo and halo 2 they say that x box would of gone down

nah, either way xbox is a better console, it would of still stayed up, all its other DECENT games support it, unlike ps it doesnt have to fill its game list with crap games that normal people wouldnt play

i know, its like me an chase r the onli 1’s who think!!!

I agree. PS3 will blow x-box2 out of the water.