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I’ve come up with an Idea that I personally think would be very very cool. Who else thinks that having little scrolls that you could write messages on that you could attach to a building or something for people would be cool? or like a “varrock times” you could write advertisements in for like 30gp a day? or like you could write directions on a scroll for a friend on how to do a quest on it? am i being an idiot or is that better than having them IM you 500 times askin about what to do, and they don’t realize you don’t know where they are in the quest or where they are period?

this is pretty much pointless when u can TYPE to people

ummm…its called some people block random people from typin to em…and also, how am I supposed to know that “bobhadababyitsaboy” is buyin my stuff/selling things I want, when I don’t even know he exists? notes on walls would allow for people to just look at it and message the other person, get it? and the same with the varrock paper, if you did that you could have people message your sn whatever you were offering/requesting.

Or you could drop one saying where u are and the first person to find you and give you the scroll gets something. :smiley:

haha yea mayb good idea phenix:D

I like that…
imagines note…
“to whom it may consoin… this is boby from the god fathah and whatever lucky son of a b(sensored by jagex)ch finds this not must meet me near the statue of that saradomin guy at 5pm eastern time…we got a gift for ya”

you know what else this would do? we could all get alot of scrolls and place em everywhere advertising runescape realm to everyone! huh? how about them apples? then jagex would hear about us and refer to some of the ideas here, they might even use the polls to see if they should add someones idea or not. plus, if you get the real dudes from runescape in here we can scilence all the dumb rumors, and get the real facts, I don’t think this place is run by runescape is it?

I didnt think it was run by runescape. But that is another good idea.

it would help becaus enot every1 in runescape can hear the advertisments you make to have them done.

personally this may be a hassel but it all depends. if this would come true i feel that it should be a free players item also… and you would talk to the squire in a new or empty building and leave your message with him and it would be put in the paper almost instantly and you would pay him for how ever long you would need it. also a time period would need to be established in the runescape world and how often would a new paper with stories of runescape and stuff come out… but also if you talked to the squire and he would print scrolls with your message on it for a small fee.

Of course to do any thing like this there would have to be an automated thing.

Advertising Scrolls.

{NAME} is [Selling/Buying] {ITEMS} at {PRICE} per {ITEMS}.
You can find {NAME} at {PLACES}

{NAME} is [Online/Offline] at {PLACE}.

Demonspifir is Selling, Rune Large Helm, Rune 2H, Rune Plate, and Rune Legs at 30k Per Rune Large, 50k Per Rune 2H, 75k Per Rune Plate, and 55k Per Rune Legs. you cand find Demonspitfir at Varrock Sqaure, Varrock West Bank, Varrock East Bank, Falador East Bank, Falador Square, Falador West Bank, and Draynor Square.

Demonspitfir is Online at Varrock Square.
Demonspitfir is Offline at Varrock Square.
(Tells person your closest point)

Things may get changed like the status of online or offline but thats what i think it should be. Also the thing about getting your message out will be the hard part will it be on buliten boards at banks or will there be a buliten board built in Varrock and Falador Squares or even you have to put it out your self! thats the hard part!

I think it would be pretty interesting to have a Varrock Times and a Falador Report.And maybe have a classified section.

varrock classifieds:

“looking for rune essnece miner, report to X”

thats awesome, and they could have the letters from the gods put in there too and all that different stuff, and your character could have an animation of him readin the paper lol, that would be awesome, and if you read my lottery thread you could also print winning numbers for the previous day in it.

the blakenite

I don’t think this idea would work as planned. A lot of people would find it a waste of time. You could be sitting at your planned spot at 5pm, hoping someone read your message and waiting for them to come. And how long are you going to wait before you leave if noone shows.

This is just a lazy mans approach to selling and buying items. Why not just go to the square or bank and yell out what you want like everybody else does. It doesn’t matter if they have their PM blocked or not they can still read what you say out loud.

that puttin a time and a place thing wasn’t my idea, I was thinking more of just having your sn put in there and they can message you when they are on and you are on as well. Setting times would be confusing since not everyone is from ur time zone…

The time and place issue was in response to demonspitfir. But we also have to look into if we make a post on server 20, will it only been seen by server 20, or by all of the servers?

Honestly I think it would be a little too teadeous in the game, b/c it would be possible to have a lot of posts in one place, which would make it a headache to sort through. And if you’re able to just stick a scroll on a wall, I think that would slow the game down.

I think we should just stick with selling/buying items by posting to this site. There’s an entire section just for that.

I think this is a bad idea because thay made forums on runescape for you to advertise and if everyone got a scroll then people could just put random things in them and it would become a hassle.

Yeah, I wouldn’t see how it could hurt to have scrolls like that… I mean, if you know that there were people at the moment who didn’t want to buy your rune battle ace or something, you could just leave a note saying what demonspitfir said… The only problem is that there would be such a sheer number of notes like that by banks and such that a lot of notes would go unread and such unless Jagex put a search feature for them and that would probably be a lot of work… It’s a good idea but funding and hosting it would be a lot of work for those miraculous workers at the Jagex company (Or whatever their official business title is)…

i think it would be a cool idea, but then the bank or shop would be crowded with these scrolls…

it sounds awsum can u and i b n charge

it sounds awsum can u and i b n charge[/quote]cuz i allways thot this was a great idea but i didnt become a rsr member till yesterday