Punk's Big Bank Sale

Cash only please…

** = Members Items

**Full Blue Dragonhide (x1) - 30k
Rune Scimitar (x1) - 30k
**Full H.A.M (x0) - SOLD
**Cannonballs (x120) - 200 each
**Adamant Spear (x9) - 3k each
**Unid Herbs over irit (x21) - 2.5k each
**Blue Mystic Hat (x1) - 25k
**Green Dragonhide (x4) - 1k each
**Potato Cactus (x5) - 2k each
Rune Pickaxe (x1) - 30k
**Teeth Half (x0) - SOLD
Amulet of Magic (x54) - 1k each
Amulet of Defence (x11) - 2k each
Amulet of Strength (x3) - 3.5k each
Amulet of Power (x2) - 10k each
**Dragon Halberd (x1) - 325k

Currently (Offline) on RS
Currently (Online) on RSR

All trades are to be made in world 42 varrock west bank.

Post here and PM me on RS when I am online, If i am offline, add me to friends, and MSG me when I am online.

If you are not a member, trades will take place in a world of your choice, varrock west bank.

Can I buy your dhide?

Is the mystic hat for p2p to wear only?
If not i’ll buy

Its for members to wear and buy only…also red, you can buy the d hide, world 42 varrock west bank.