Pure Essence on free servers

Quote from Runescape.com

It has been brought to our attention that some free players who used to be members have had their essence converted into pure essence which they now can’t use.
Don’t worry, we are aware of this and are working to fix it. In next week’s update we will make it so that whilst free players can’t mine any more pure essence they can however still use/trade any which was automatically converted.

If you haven’t already read it, then please see the previous news post entitled Rune Essence adjustment for more details on the Rune Essence changes.

pure ess man i never knew there was such thing also i dont like the idea

^ same…

welp that just killed my income… (i merchant ess and i aint a member lol)… looks like its time to move to rune or yews…

seriously… intead of making a members version and a F2P ver of the items… they coulda just raised the required mining lvl to 30… woulda solved the same problem…

good cus i jst logged on rs and i had like 20k members object i was like …

i was kinda just getting ready to raise my rc lvl again when this update comes out. :slight_smile:
so now i only pay 20gp for all of the ess that i bought instead of the 30-40gp for it before. so that’s the reason that i kind of liked it.
now it would be even better is jagex got rid of this update next week and while i still have 260k ess i got for 20gp each, i could merchant and resell for 40gp each, i would be even more rich =D

this doesnt affect me much because i dont mine rune ess.

But it has destroyed the economey of rune. :eek: