~ Pure in Progress ~

hey im making a pure. its not fully developed so i would like suggestions!

nice get some atk later then go full str unless you want to train range :wink:

WHY NFS! GOSH! Its soo anoyin

well if ur gonna be f2p get 40 range just for the hide when u get like 40 attack and ? strenth cuase it wont level you plus good defence vs mages

Get these stats:

40 att
40 range (good defence against mages)
and any mage lvl u want, 60-70 owns cuz its very good defence against magic if your wearing hides. Also, dont get prayer or def. Prayer before def in my opinion is better because it can improve your att and str but u can also just gain att and str :slight_smile:

i WAS thinking about getting 25 prayer…


heres my updated stats :smiley:

Nice… I recommend Strength higher.
sickmate 8)

Not bad. Id recomend getting a reeeeeeeely high prayer. With low defence i think using protect spells help especially protect mage. My pures prayer is 25 and the str is 30. Try going to chaos temple and just pickup free bones!

Heres the 3rd update on my pure.

Nice pure Alex =).

And in the first pic, what font is that?

The font is called “Dark Crystal Outline”

i got it from dafont.com